999 cute otters looking for company!

Soltter is a collection of 999 cute otters based on Solana blockchain.
Each attribute has been made by hand.

Mint price: 0.25 SOL

Bootstrap Themes


Designing the project

Design otterly cute Soltters,
Initial community building phase (Discord, Twitter),
Announce the mint price and date.


Quick listings on marketplaces for second market,
Rarity Board,
Use 100% royalties to sweep floor price.


Holders decide the theme, traits, supply and price of the new collection,
Holders get an NFT airdrop of the new collection (1:1),
More surprises coming.

Bootstrap Themes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wen mint?
End of November.

What will be the mint price?
We want Soltters to be accessible to a maximum of people, the mint price will be announced soon.

Will there be a secondary market ?
Yes, we're working with major marketplaces to ensure a listing right after the mint.

Will there be secondary sale royalties ?
Royalties will be 8%. Secondary sales will allow us to redistribute back to the community by sweeping the floor.

Any presale?
No presale is planned but most active members can get whitelisted.

Will there be giveaways?
Yes! Make sure to follow Soltters on Twitter and check out giveaways!

Join the community!

The team


Product Manager / Developer


Illustrator / Art Director